man i wish more of the holenet server would join up so we could see some activity here

spoilers for several recent nintendo games including smash

you ever run into something that you don't understand at all but the few things you DO get seem really amazing? that's me and netlify right now

great, smash bros spoilers are basically everywhere right now. it's gonna be a long 10 hours

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Hey, y'all! I don't know most of you yet -- I'm @willware 's friend and he told me to check out Mastodon on here because it's small and a nice community. Looking forward to meeting you! Toot toot!

tumblr backup has been stuck on "backup processing" for over 24 hours now, cool

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hi there! i'm Will. i make stuff. lots of different kinds of things. usually stuff you can Look At. sometimes stuff you can Watch. occasionally stuff you can Play.

let's be friends! πŸ’™

oh btw @Techokami you can also add custom emotes. the main instance has the entire super mario 64 font as emotes lol

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