Honestly, they should put the VB library on the 3DS as a Virtual Console thing, there were a few really good games for it (like the Wario Land game, and the pinball title that came out on launch day), but when one developer tried to pitch a remaster of VB Wario Land for the 3DS, Nintendo told them to let the VB games stay dead and make their own title instead... that became Mutant Mudds.

Man, Nintendo keeps doing this thing where they simultaneously keep reminding people that the Virtual Boy was a thing, and at the same time deny it ever existed.

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well it wasn't a total waste. i learned that c++ causes instant sobriety

@ao So what the heck has been going on with Mastodon/Fediverse? I've been busy... uh... writing my resumé and not spending all my free time in Smash Ultimate... yeah... 👀

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In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, there is a fountain with a statue of Princess Peach outside Toad Town (left). In the game's data, an unused alternate version of the fountain can be found, depicting Peach as a mermaid instead (right). t.co/o2FZB2JfJH

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Mario, Wario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong each have their own franchises within a larger Mario-related body of work. Games exist that are named after each of these characters; coincidentally, none of them are playable in the games that are named after them. t.co/AgWdjqWy7w

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In Super Mario Sunshine, jumping off Yoshi after he touches a fruit with his tongue, but before he swallows it, results in the fruit remaining suspended in mid-air. The fruit is completely intangible and Mario will be able to pass through it in the manner depicted. t.co/9L9AsOtSbO

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Now, unlike all the other retro mini consoles that recently started flooding the market, a fully functional Game Boy Mini is actually something I'd be interested in. Make it happen, Nintendo!

My eyes would probably hate it, though 😂

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popular folks from twitter that make accounts on masto and actually make an effort to post differently here are often so much better to follow than their twitter accounts were

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I wish that instead, Microsoft would just open source their existing EdgeHTML engine and let the community refine it. It's surprisingly not a terrible engine, just needs some improvements.

github.com/MicrosoftEdge/MSEdg O_o I am horribly conflicted. On one hand, a less crap, open source web browser from Microsoft is a great idea. On the OTHER hand, now we're going to have a browser monoculture once again, but instead of Microsoft calling the shots with IE6, it's going to be Google with Chromium. The only other competition will be Mozilla's engine in Firefox, and Apple's take on WebKit in Safari, except WebKit is what Chromium is based on so there's not much different.

@SorachiJirachi @willware Oh it's gonna be EXTRA THICC, but it won't bother me, I have fiber internet. Ironically, from Verizon :V

@SorachiJirachi @willware OH it finally finished exporting for me, time to see how hefty this is gonna be. Will probably have to leave my computer on overnight.

@willware possibly. But then again I had a heavier blog. 50K posts!

@willware it's been like this since this weekend for me. I think I reblogged too much wolf... naaaah, you can never reblog too much wolf 🐺

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