Here's Zelda as a mermaid, based on her appearance from A Link Between Worlds:

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, there is a fountain with a statue of Princess Peach outside Toad Town (left). In the game's data, an unused alternate version of the fountain can be found, depicting Peach as a mermaid instead (right).

In Super Mario Sunshine, jumping off Yoshi after he touches a fruit with his tongue, but before he swallows it, results in the fruit remaining suspended in mid-air. The fruit is completely intangible and Mario will be able to pass through it in the manner depicted.

tfw Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out today but you have to wait until Christmas to be able to play it

And it would be okay to share an example of a properly flagged spoiler image like this massive spoiler for one of the greatest short tales in literature history:

Oh hey I see buttons to flag images as sensitive. Guess it's for NSFW stuff?

Just testing out sharing images here with this commission from Deebs:

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